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TRADITIONAL ROOMS, TRANQUIL SETTING – We are not some kind of hastily refurbished, half-empty, 1960s monstrosity dumped on the side of a dusty main road. Our building is in the Croydon Conservation Area and has now seen its second diamond jubilee. All rooms have large windows with decent, natural light. Many have views of George Street, two even have balconies. This, together with thick Victorian walls and no through traffic, makes for the perfect haven from which to work. Originally the home of artisans, today we are home to a number of thriving professional and specialist businesses.

FULLY INCLUSIVE PRICING – NO HIDDEN FEES OR TIE-INS – People love working here, so we have no need of clever “gotcha” style contracts. We charge a single fee per month which includes heating, lighting, business rates, clearing of common parts, furniture to suit your reasonable requirements, use of kitchen facilities, WiFi internet, 24 hour access. In the case of telephony, you are free to contract with whomsoever you wish. There is nothing extra we charge you for. In particular, we do not operate telephone systems, cap internet usage or insist that you source anything through us at marked-up prices (a typical knavish trick of less scrupulous operators). We do not charge per person or desk.

TERMS – To move in we require one month’s licence fee and one month’s deposit. Our usual notice period is a rolling three months (no rigid fixed periods). There is no minimum stay – some people stay for a few months, the longest so far is 20 years!

We currently have TWO offices remaining, so call us urgently to arrange a viewing:
Room 12 (4th floor) is 135 square feet and is plenty of space for 2 people.
Room B (1st floor) is 155 square feet and would suit 2 to 3 people. Price: £595+VAT/month.

Our telephone number is 020 8681 6852 or contact us.

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